Sunday, June 3, 2018

Indie Corner Episode 7: Blixten Quest

Blixten Quest: Another Pixelated Minecraft Clone Or An Excellent Adventure Game? Review By Steve T


Blixten Quest . . . You know this was a pretty hard review. This game is a very different beast from what I usually cover, but it had to be done. Now before I get right down to it I just wanted to say that this game was not given to me in way, shape or form. No free keys here folks, so you can trust that what I'm about to say isn't influenced by anything other than the game and it's own merits. So how is Blixten Quest? Well it's . . . interesting for sure.  I liked what I played and I was impressed with how polished the game was, but it does have a couple minor things worth bringing up.

So let's start with the game's visuals, the game looks pretty good. It's got this blocky minecraft aesthetic that's become really popular in recent years. Does anyone out there remember 3d dot game Heroes? It was the game that pretty much popularized this art style and I gotta say, it's not going anywhere. The colors in levels pop, and depending on your graphical setting, the line work is super sharp and vibrant. I actually found myself stopping to appreciate the little details scattered throughout the the stages. Though I found Blixten himself to be a little bland in comparison. The character model is rigged a little weird, but it can be forgiven.

  So now onto the game itself! The game touts itself as an 3d side scrolling adventure game where you run through levels attacking and destroying the enemies to look for your companions. The premise is simple enough that it gets the job done, but it's not the story that this game's about. The gameplay was surprisingly in depth, giving you three options that suit gamer's diverse play style. The game comes with three classes; Warrior, mage, and ranger and each has their own abilities. The warrior equips you with a broadsword that does average damage, the mage allows you to spew fire from a staff, while the ranger is basically the archer class. 

On paper one would think those different classes would heavily influence the game and it's surroundings, but I found that the game does in fact not take advantage of these unique classes. Though I must give credit where it's do and say that the game does try to present unique obstacles for you to complete. whether it's mission based ones like  advancing forward or collecting objects to proceed, I'd say there's a healthy amount of exploration for a 2d platformer. 

The game runs . . . okay. I've noticed a bit of stuttering and frame pacing issues here and there. My suggestion to you would be to run the game on lower settings for the best performance, but that will detract from the world's beauty. 

So in conclusion, this game is fine, though it's certainly a work in progress. The developer is constantly updating the game with bug fixes and new features, so everything in this review could change. 

It's certainly got something on it's hands, but I find the execution and game engine to be too dull for my tastes. Platformers are a very pure form of gaming, and while I appreciate the developer trying to throw in some varied objectives, it just falls short in the end. My advice to the developer would be to clean up the game's technical issues and flesh out the missions a little more. 

We here at Shock Site give this game a 3.5 out of 5.  

Check out the game at this site!


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